The Beginning Concert 2009

Last friday, I am with my friends as Gogds, Kadus, Mesh, Gidong, Mahapson and Lawrence was at The Begining Concert 2009, as the Official Photographer for them. Well, the concert was happening with almost 95% of the seat taken.
DJ Othoe as their emcees for the night, make the audiences laughing at the end of the event. The artist of the night is Felix Agus, Diana Stephen Tuning, Stacy, Papier Mache, Ivye Alexandra and the very new band boy, Divine Master
[Lotter as Vocalist]. I am satisfy, satisfy with their performance. Here is some of the photos. You all can see more photos by click my friends blog there.
DJ Othoe


Diana Stephen Tuning

Felix Agus

Cyril @ Kuak [Papier Mache]

Papier Mache

Ferdinand [Papier Mache]

Ivye Alexandra

DJ Othoe

Lotter [Divine Master]


Stacy Angie

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maslight said...

photos are awesome!XD

Pirut said...

Thanks Maslight.. :)

C.Alv.B said... shot!! hehehhee..enjoy kamurang kan?

Pirut said...

tq.. nda juga enjoy.. panat saja.. hehe

starznews said...

wah cantik oh the pictures.. very very.. high quality. 5 stars.. really wanna learn photography from you.

Pirut said...

uisk...starnewz, kebelangkan ini.. banyak gambar sa yang buruk bah.. :)
apapun, tq ah..

Girllyen 'TM' said...


Pirut said...

thanks girl.. :)

moreo said...

uih ging..makin hebat oo kan scene d sabah..byk betul tingu gambar² ko, ter'update' kamiurg yg d tanah org nih..keep up the good work!!!

Pirut said...

hehe.. gitulah kerja kitaorang bah kawan.. mau kasi tau sumua urang tentang perkembangan hidup orang d kampung... hehe

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