Jerry & Rajiah : Kg.Rugading, Kiulu [20.12.2009]

Mohd Khalid & Nur Ainani : Tang Dynasty Hotel, KK [04.12.09]

Xmas'09 Celebration

I am here to say a Happy Belated Xmas to everyone of you out there. I am a little bit busy with my photography assignment which I've completed it last year but still under processing of editing. This job is tough and need a very tough discipline of timing attitudes! Haha.. ngam kah tu bahasa??... huhu.. thats why there's no updating at here anyway since at the mid of last month..well, this is my first posting for this year ever and more posting will come soon. Gotcha!!!! This year, I got to change my wedding package and my style of photos editing. Huhu.. If you want to struggle or wanna be one of undisputed photographer in Sabah.. la kunun ni.., you need to change and be a unique or creative photographer. Learn how the professional photographer doing their job! Learn how they catch up that 'money' for real!!!! haha.. This year 'target' is to be RICH and CREATIVE!. Let just go through here,.. here is some of my activity before and during the Christmas Day!
1Borneo Mall [Mum with the kids and nephew]

Cen-Cen with her cousin [Ogou & Yoyoi]

Yoyoi, Yoyoi's Dad, Cen-Cen

St.Fabianus, TBBR, Keningau [The Carolers]

My Family

My Kids with their cousin

Orang Kampung in front of the Chapel

Lumba dalam karung [One of X'mas Sukaneka]

Tiup Tepung

Wahhhh!!! This is Siopon Keningau!!!

Contestant for the Barisan Terpanjang

Barisan Terpanjang

Last is here, my kids with their cousin again.. :)

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