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The New Album's Launching of Hary Nianti : Kada Pologoso - Part 3

As promised, here is the 3rd Part of Hary's New Album Launching. Enjoy this photo!

Hary with his Big Fan
Big Fan
Esther Clement Tubong & Hary Nianti
Same Level
Hary with his friends
Big Fan
His Big Fans
Big Supporter
Give some autograph to the Fan
A Pose with his fan
Supporter Again
With Friends
His Friend

Journalist & Friends
Another Big Fan of Him
With Fan!
'Orang Kuat'
The Hary Nianti Launching Album's Staff
Hary's Friend from KL
KL's Friend
The MC of the Night, Fifi & Rifanzi Ruji
MC & Rifanji
Big Friends of Hary
Friends & Artist
Our Deejay, Artist, Journalist, Event Management
Funny & Attractive
Our Journalist & Deejay
The Journalist

Journalist & Artist
The Ex-SuriaFM's DJ - Othoe @ Andrew Impungan
Othoe Atukoi

That's all for Hary Nianti's New Album Launching. For me, the launching was soooo happening. It was quite interesting and very different than the other friend of us. Love their preparation for this launching especially for the Album's Launching Ceremony itself. Phew!! An Ice? :) Great One! Hope, our another coming artist or our new album's launching agaian soon.. Do this kind of a way to promote their album by having a great ceremony. Find ur sponsor la juga.. :)

The New Album's Launching of Hary Nianti : Kada Pologoso - Part 2

Here is the 2nd Part of the Hary Nianti's New Album Launching. Enjoy it!

Hary Nianti perform one of his song.
Hary Nianti
Singing the Duet Song with Betcy Micheal
Hary & Betcy
Esther Applunius Chin & Friend
Esther Applunius Chin & Friend
Rifanzi Ruji
Mr. Joseph
Mr. Joseph
Guest of The Night
The Audience
Usal John Gavis @ UJG
Usal John Gavis
Esther Clement Tubong
Esther Clement Tubong
Esther C. Tubong featuring Jaymeral
Jaymeral & Esther C
Interview Session
Hary Nianti's Interview
Marlleney & Bernard
Marlleney & Bernard
Our Backstage's People (Jason Jay, Callix & Jaymeral)
Floor Manager & Friend
Hary's Friend

Family & Supporter

There's will be another 3rd Part of this Hary Nianti's New Album Launching.

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