3rd Heat of KE Next Top Entertainer

Halu, wassup!! :) Here is my latest project with KE. Last friday, there is a 3rd Heat of KE Next Top Entertainer.
Its place still maintain at Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon as well our official place for this 1st Season of The KENTE!
The result for this third heat was unexpected! The winner for this heat was Georgia Joy & Haryson Nianti. Good Luck to both of you for the final!! Well, for me.. all the contestant for this heat was superb but it was not much better than the
2nd Heat contestant. I still love the 2nd heat but its not means that the 3rd was bad but its didn't hundred percent
took my heart there.. wah.. rumantis gitu.. well, it was just my opinion gaman.. :) Overall, the 3rd Heat of KE NTE event
was better than the 2nd one. Well done to all of my friends, the KE NTE's AJK.. :) BRAVO!!!!!!!

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