Wei... i am lose of idea man!! Gosh! No more update here until two weeks to go... Hehehe.. I dun not know what to write here. I just took a picture and upload at FLICKR or sometime at JPGmagazine. After that I create some story at CENPICTURES BLOG. I was out of idea wat' actually to tell here. wooooooo... I am thirsty and miss wif tapai. Next week i'll on leave for the whole of week. After that would work again for two weeks and on leave again for two weeks until 7th January next year. I have to make somethin' wif my father's land. Jatropha, marriage, tapai, my hometown, my village, ex-schoolmates and more....is on my mind now.... weiii..... babailah....

Jatropha - Another BioDiesel Product

Haaaa... wei, actually.. I just like to put the Jatropha pictures here cos it will be my biznez in two or three week from now on.. hehehe.. just wait for my story again. Well, read this story first about Jatropha in Sabah -> Jatropha in Sabah and also in Sarawak.

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