Actual Wedding Photography Workshop by Benny Liew

When I start (around 4 or 5 years ago.. ) with this business of photography, I am only know about two or three or maybe four people (Our really local wedding photographer) which is really involved with the same business. They are George Duat, Benny Liew and George Yong. Then, I am goggle way an internet and saw some more like Meor, Mike Philip, Celistine, Azman Jumat and many more until now. For those are not written here, please do not angry because this is just a story that how I started this business by looking into my local wedding photographer., our really Amazing & Wonderful Wedding Photography., Louis Pang, the great one., which is inspired me more but I didn't get a chance yet to learn something from him, face to face., eventhough I am subscribe his blog as somebody else. Hope to get in soon. Anyway, this business is really popular and the number of participant in this business are became more bigger day by day.. From the day I started with this biz, a lot of things is changing especially in my style of taking photography, how I edit my photos, how I compose it or how I explore my talent to talk or communicate with my client and my associate during work.. but as everybody, we will never satisfy for what we have now and will ever, ever, and ever learn again until the end of time. One of my favorite mentor in this business was Benny Liew and the other one is George Duat., and as we all now., photographers got different style of photography. If you wanna know about them, just click their link at their name. :) For the record, today was my first time to be involved with Benny Liew's Actual Wedding Photography Workshop. It was held at Tang Dynasty Hotel, Kota Kinabalu near with the Petronas's Building. Here is my random shot during the workshop. The photos is not fully edited. Thanks to Benny Liew for the tips and thanks to reNew my Soul in this business of actual wedding photography! :)

Talent : Yuna / Story Behind The Photo : Where?


Talent : Yuna / Story Behind The Photo : The Happiness is Coming! (Smile)

Simple Smile

Talent : Yuna / Story Behind The Photo : I am The Bride! (The Wedding Bride's Model)

Yuna : The Wedding Bride's Model

People : Benny Liew / Position : Professional Wedding Photographer

Benny Liew

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