S.K Bunga Raya, Keningau

Everybody got their own memory. Not exception as me. I was at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bunga Raya for six years. Since 1988 until 1993. Thats mean I was there since I was at Primary 1 until Primary 6. Sometimes, I miss much for what ever I've done there. One of that is when I became a Head of The Student at there. So many things that I think its so funny to recall back. Well, its just a memory. Actually, on 23rd until 24th of Mei 2007..we [ my boss and me ] was flighted with Sabah Air Ltd. My fate because the pilot is easy to flighted around at my village. Below there is my ex-school picture that i had taken. Take a look...

That's all for now..Bye!

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