Pelancaran Album Yahai : Ateng VS Benn Simon Bukag

Check this out too.. Didn't have much time to give a comment here but I do like their new song.
Album Yahai Release Photo's
Place : Buhavan Square, Donggongon
Date : 20 Dec 2007
Attendance : Simusic Studio Artist, TJC Talent Studio, Reynaldo Peggy (Bintang RTM 2007), Danny F.Malinggi, much more

KE X'mas 2007 Gathering

It was happening at that night. Sabahan Local Artist such like Ivy Alexandra, Reno Rodney Fabianus, Clare Petrus Edwin, Jimmy Palikat, Vincent Duan, Emily, Robert Angkangon, Betcy Micheal, Dennis Gais, Usal John Gavis and more were joined with KE Member at Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon. Saya rasakan hampir 100 orang telah hadir pada malam tu. Dengan pengacara majlis, DJ Kadazan iaitu DJ Marklinus Antang & Tomm... mimang happening bah. Artis atau bukan artis, menyanyi juga. Sia pun ada nyanyi juga lah.. hehe.. well, sa nda dapat upload gambar - gambar di sini.. cuma kalau kamu mau tingu... klik di

KE X'mas 2007 Gathering.
Place : Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon, Sabah
Date : 19 Dec 2007


I 've tagged for three times. Hahaha.. it was so worst geng!! I dun' know what kind games is this. A friend of mine said this it was somethin' like 'main kena-kena' as my childhood games a few years ago. Well, I dun' know what to tell you people here. I'll try my bestlah. The Rules: 1. Link to your tagger and post these rules. 2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself. 3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names. 4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs or by email.

Here's 8 random facts about me...

1. I love to learn somethin' new.

2. I love Photography.

3. I am caring and loving.

4. I like my Job.

5. I am into COMPUTER world.

6. I love MONEY.

7. Family is number TWO after HIM.

8. God is my first PRIORITY!

Well done!! Three times I've been tagged by LeoFantasia, Fredo's Zone and Sir George. Maybe there is more..hehehe. Sorry, I am also forgetful sometime. Now, check below for your turn to be TAG by me.


Nice Work!!

Got this creative work from


Wei... i am lose of idea man!! Gosh! No more update here until two weeks to go... Hehehe.. I dun not know what to write here. I just took a picture and upload at FLICKR or sometime at JPGmagazine. After that I create some story at CENPICTURES BLOG. I was out of idea wat' actually to tell here. wooooooo... I am thirsty and miss wif tapai. Next week i'll on leave for the whole of week. After that would work again for two weeks and on leave again for two weeks until 7th January next year. I have to make somethin' wif my father's land. Jatropha, marriage, tapai, my hometown, my village, ex-schoolmates and on my mind now.... weiii..... babailah....

Jatropha - Another BioDiesel Product

Haaaa... wei, actually.. I just like to put the Jatropha pictures here cos it will be my biznez in two or three week from now on.. hehehe.. just wait for my story again. Well, read this story first about Jatropha in Sabah -> Jatropha in Sabah and also in Sarawak.


Feeling great when you looking on somethin' beauty or maybe somethin' different. Somehow, you'll curious when sometime your life become worst and hard to find a answer for what you see. Sometime, you are blurr with everybody or maybe your anger force somebody to push you into trouble. There's thousand answer for everything. Million ideas for query. I am always thinking of what should I do after five minutes or maybe after 24 hour. This make me blurrrrr.. while searching somethin' new inside Google or Yahoo, you'll find anything... interesting word, story, blogger, new button, new accessories, new camera, photoshop, new friend, new telephone, new movie... all is that take 2 to 10 or more minutes than that. How we can get a better result for ou own discipline if our life is like that... grrrrrr..... will focus soon. Targeting something different soon.. targeting something new and fresh. Leaving old style and old behavior. Bless Me!!!

Sony A100 - Super SteadyShot

Enjoy With D-SLR Sony Alpha100

SONY DSLR-A100, 1/15 second, F/4.0, ISO 400, 30mm


SONY DSLR-A100, 1/15 second, F/4.0, ISO 200, 30 mm

The 2nd KE Gathering

Artis : Danny F. Malinggi
Lagu : Siou Noh

The 2nd KE Gathering [Video]

*sorry, cos time tu tia bawa, gelap and sorry to Vinusak for the (Sinisai word at Clip was Sid Isai and not Sinisai..sorry.. :D)

Artis : Vincent Duan
Lagu : Sid Isai
Album : Vinusak

Artis : Vincent Duan
Lagu : Tihad Ginavo Ku
Album : Vinusak

Artis : Jaf
Lagu : My Baby You (Song Mark Anthony)

The 2nd KE Gathering

The 2nd Kadus Entertainment or KE was held at D'Koisaan Cafe, KDCA, Penampang on 20 October 2007. Hadir pada malam tersebut merupakan artis - artis tempatan Sabah dan juga ahli - ahli KE. I capture some picture and video there. Here you are. This collection is took by my canon camera and Sony Handycam on that night. More picture from GOGDS.

Jason, Lissa, Olumis

DJ Mark & JasonJay


Elpy Rapheal Linus & DJ Mark Linus

Ateng (variasi 2005) & Usal Gavis

Vincent Duan, Fredo, Pirut (seat), Robbie Angkangon, Usal Gavis

Dennis & Rooney

Lihing & Barambang

Usal & Betcy

Vincent Duan (Vinusak), Fredo (KDM Idol), Usal Gavis, NARS (Variasi 2005)

Robbie & Dennis

Robbie Angkangon, Dennis Gais (Pusakag), Pirut

Rooney, Danny F. Malinggi, Dennis Gais, Fredo

Usal & Pirut

Fredo & Robbie Angkangon

Betcy Micheal, Danny F. Malinggi, Fredo

Dennis Gais, DJ Mark Linus (Sabah VFM), Danny F. Malinggi

The 2nd KE Gathering

*sorry, wrote in malay.

Hemm.. 20 Oktober 2007 [Sabtu]. KE's 2nd Gathering diadakan di D'Koisaan Cafe. Ramai artis yang datang. Ramai juga KE member yang hadir. Nda payah sa cerita banyak2 dulu..baik kamu tingu ni gambar [courtesy to GOGDS and Kadus punya gambar sendiri belum upload lagi]

oww... nda cukup masa pula untuk edit.. will edit esok.. thats all.

The Sun Umbrella or The Sun Rainbow

I don't know what is the exactly name for that nature. This situation was happened yesterday [11 October 2007]. Taken this picture at 4th Floor of my office.


I am busy with my picture. Busy with my camera. Busy with my wedding photo editing. There's no update since 3rd Oct '07. Well, my latest update is at CenPictures only.

29 September '07 : DIED

My Father's Cousin Grandmother passed away on 29th September 2007 at 6.00pm. I was at Kg. Langsat, Papar for her buried day. It was on the 1st of October, 2007. Here is some of the picture.

Blog Against ABUSE

The day of today is 27th 09.2007. The day that all the blogger post something about ABUSE including ;

* Animal Abuse
* Domestic Abuse
* Child Abuse
* Political Abuse & more..

All of this is about CHILD ABUSE. Got it from Online Local News Paper at Malaysia. Let read it..


NST Online [29.07.2007] Local News
Abuse and the emotional factor
WHY do some men and women abuse their children?
The factors for women vary from post-natal depression, family problems or financial problems to inability to cope with stress, poor anger management, drug addiction or alcohol abuse. In the case of men, it could be jealously of the attention a mother gives to a newborn. "Physical abuse of a young person usually occurs when the caregiver is in a crisis situation and it usually happens in a moment of anger or stress," says Dr Irene Cheah, head of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) Paediatric Unit. The chairman of the HKL Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect team says the caregiver, in most cases, only wants to discipline the child. But this sometimes ends up in severe injuries. In cases of sexual abuse, it is usually pre-meditated as the perpetrator would have targeted his victim. Dr Cheah says the frame of mind of the one meting out punishment determines when punishment becomes abuse. "Corporal punishment should be such that the child knows what she is being punished for and the person meting out the punishment should be calm. "But when the physical punishment does not commensurate with the degree of misconduct, then it can lead to abuse. "If an adult treats a child as someone with rights, then they are less likely to abuse them." Dr Cheah says the public and caregivers such as school and nursery teachers should be encouraged to report all suspected cases of abuse. "You may not be right, but better safe than sorry." Child and Adolescent psychiatrist Assoc Prof Dr Aili Hashim of the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) stresses that emotional abuse of a child is as bad as physical abuse. "When a child is constantly ignored or put down and made to feel inferior, rejected or unappreciated, they grow up treating others the same way as they think this is how a child should be treated." Dr Aili, who counsels children with behavioural problems, says in many cases, the problem stemmed from emotionally cold parents who had an unhappy childhood or were abused. "We see children as young as 6 or 7 or who have been emotionally abused. People tend to minimise this issue and if it’s not dealt with, it can be as bad or worse than physical abuse."


NSTOnline [29.07.07] Frontpage

The ugly spectre of growing child abuse

Mothers and fathers are doing the unthinkable: Abusing their children and scarring them for life. In some cases, they have sent them to an early grave. What drives such insanity? P. SELVARANI and TAN CHOE CHOE examine the social phenomenon that is leaving Malaysians shaken to the core

MOTHERS are said to have been created by God as He could not be everywhere.

But some are committing the ultimate betrayal by abusing their own flesh and blood — their children.

This is a phenomenon puzzling to the authorities and the average Malaysian alike, that the very people charged with raising and nurturing children — parents — are hurting them beyond belief, sometimes to death.

There is no escaping the ugly spectre of worsening statistics: Child abuse cases have increased by 60 per cent in the past five years, from 1,242 in 2002 to 1,999 last year.
It paints a frightening outlook for the future.

Mothers were responsible for 493 of the 1,999 cases of child abuse last year, according to Welfare Department statistics.

Fathers, their children’s supposed hero and protector, came in a close second. They were responsible for 441 of the cases.

Collectively, parents were responsible for nearly five out of 10 cases of child abuse last year.

Police statistics show that of the 26 child murder cases reported in the first five months of this year, five were committed by fathers and two by mothers.

Some of the victims were newborn babies.

At least two out of 10 victims were less than 4 years old.

Those between 7 and 15 made up the majority of reported cases.

Statistics also show that in 214 cases, the boyfriend or girlfriend of the victims had a hand in the abuse.

Other abusers were friends, relatives, step-parents, babysitters and neighbours.

The figures were so alarming that police set up the Sexual Crimes and Children division, or D11, to handle them.

According to the department, the reasons for abuse vary but family problems were the main cause cited (659 cases).

In 116 cases, the abusers were found to be mentally disturbed.

There were also abusers who were alcoholics (83), dadah addicts (81) and those who were abuse victims themselves (28).

Living apart from the family in their early growing up years was also cited as a reason for abuse, especially among parents.

There were abusers who blamed the child for being hyperactive, making it difficult for the parents or guardian to watch over them. Exhaustion led to frayed tempers and in 101 cases, violence.

A small number of abusers cited financial problems, superstitious beliefs and the intention of disciplining children.

To 33 abusers, the fact that a child was born out of wedlock was enough cause for abuse.

In about 10 per cent of cases, no one could identify a reason for the abuse.

Urbanisation may also be a factor as the incidents mostly occurred in more developed states, such as Selangor, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

"This is a possibility as city dwellers usually work long hours and are generally stressed.

"From our data, higher density areas generally have more reported cases," said Welfare Department director-general Datuk Rafek Reshidullah.

Some 50 per cent of cases reported to the department last year came from government hospitals.

The 24-hour Teledera helpline, a dedicate telephone line to report child abuse, referred only 37 cases to the department over the same period.

"The number is not big but Teledera is very effective, especially in reaching out to those who need advice or immediate help."

During office hours, the department will handle the telephone calls. Calls outside office hours are routed to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

Most cases reported are new cases, said Rafek.

"We have a registry that keeps track of victims and abusers. We know who they are, and repeat incidents are rare."

However, he said not all abuse cases were reported to the police, with reported cases being the very severe ones.

Once an abusive parent or guardian is referred to the department, a welfare officer will separate the child from him (or her) and place the victim in a temporary shelter.

The parent or guardian will then be counselled.

"We will investigate the case and the findings will be presented to the Children’s Court.

"The court will decide if the child remains with the parent or guardian or is placed in the care of a more fit and proper person.

"In most cases, the child is usually returned to the care of the family, providing the parent or guardian who abused the child is repentant."

Otherwise, the child may be placed in foster care or, as a last resort, sent to a welfare institution or orphanage.

The sorry episode does not end there. The abused victim may go on to become an abuser.

NSTOnline [21.09.07] NewsBreak
Police set up sexual, abuse and child unit

KUALA LUMPUR, Fri: The Bukit Aman Crime Investigation Department has established a new unit known as the Sexual, Abuse and Child Investigation Division or D11 to specially deal with such cases.

Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee said the unit, comprising women officers, was to beef up and enhance police efficiency in handling cases related to child abuse and domestic violence. “The division has 101 women personnel who are well-trained to handle sexual, abuse and child cases,” he told reporters after a briefing for MCA Wanita at the Bukit Aman auditorium here. He said police were concerned with the increase in rape cases, 26 per cent from 1,931 cases in 2005 to 2,431 last year, adding that most of the victims were students. Selangor recorded the highest number of rape case which also included incest cases.
On domestic violence, he said the number of cases increased by six per cent, from 3,093 in 2005 to 3,264 last year, with financial problems being the cause in most cases. Child abuse cases dropped by 25 per cent, from 189 cases in 2005 to 141 in 2006. With the increase in crime, Wan advised parents to be more careful in monitor their children’s activities.

Sony Alpha Workshop

Today, I join the Sony Alpha Photography Workshop at Hotel Promenade, Kota Kinabalu. There are around 15 to 20 people. Ted Adnan as a profesional photographer, teach us how to use the Sony Alpha Digital Camera but the most important that I most like is how to take a great picture. Thanks Ted! Below there is our group photo.

The Participant

The Group Photo

The Model : Andrea

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