An easter day, I was at kampung to celebrating this once a year activity. While waiting for the mass, I saw a bird called turipos by my language. I didn't know what their called it in english or malay language..:D I heard that their call it Burung Nuri in malays. Its that true? Well, as I know...A kind of Nuri's Bird can follow the human language but this turipos cannot. Let me know this if you all know. Well, here is the bird images. [thanks to RENO : he said that Turipos is serindit in Malay Language. Blue-crowned hanging parrot in international language and Loriculus Galgulus is the scientific names].

SH Outing

The day after we attend the ExtraOrdinary Photography..me, kysham and gogds went out to Sutera Harbour & Bukit Bendera for some photography activities.

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Anizah & Mohd. Khairul

My Wedding Project on 8 to 9 March '08 at Kg. Sri Pandan, Putatan.

anizah & mohd. khairul

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Epson Roadshow : Extraordinary Wedding & Portrait Photography

Yaiii.. this is a very good info. For everyone who is interested in wedding & portrait photography, you all can join this Espon Roadshow. The speaker would be LOUIS PANG, our own Sabahan Wedding Photographer. This workshop would be held at Shangri La's Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa (Kinabalu Room @ Level 2). Well, for those interested with this.. you have to make a reservation with VINCENT AU : 012 2769171 or DICKSON LEE : 019 6471473, or just email to dickson.lee@etm.epson.com.my. Its free admission plus lucky draw also.. Hehe.. I'll be there too!! Bah, kawan-kawan...mari kita pi sama-sama. :D

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