Willfred & May Ling Actual Wedding - Sneak Preview

Another shot in Kota Marudu. Last year, I have been here for this wedding. May Ling was a friend of Yon. They saw me during the wedding and a few month later, she ask me to be they off.photogs for they big day. After the agreement was sign, I am confirmed to be there and here is some of the photos during their wedding. It was awesome. I am feel like at the 1Malaysia's Wedding.. lol.. But for real, it awesome when we took a part of somebody's big day and make it awesome for them.. As a wedding photographer, this is one of our responsibility! Check them out..

E-Session with Frankie + Adel

I never done this be4... This is my very first time to do the E-Session of Pre-Wedding.. I am nervous but I am too excited to do. Well, everything is going fine once the shutter is started to count. Adjust there and adjust there.. The weather ruined our photoshot!! Sadly..badly.. apa2 barang pun bermain dalam pikiran.. nasib baik dorang sporting.. Alvin with his video and Quinton as our Make Up Artist.. What the best I should say here is about the co-operation between me and them, I mean all of the Photoshooting Crew!! Sungguh menakjubkan kerjasama yang diberikan.. walau hujan menimpa.. namun mereka semua memberikan yang terbaik.. bagus!!! Sentuhan kali pertama dalam bidang ini amat memberi makna,.. akan ku buat sekali lagi pada masa akan datang.. dan harga untuk Pre-Wedding @ E-Session masih Murah.. Jadi, kepada sesiapa yang mahu kawin pada tahun hadapan.. :) Sila lah membuat tempahan awal.. Time is Running! Kali pertama saya ambil gambar dalam hujan... First Time Ever!! Everything is 1st Time! :) Check the some of the result here.. :)

The Full Moon of Carrie Faith Kugan

Location : Deep Sea Seafood, Hill Top, Luyang
Time : 7.00pm - 9.30pm

The Baby is Cute! The Family are Very Awesome! The Guest was Amazing and Off Course they all are very happy with their new baby @ family's member.. :) I know that your family will have a great life soon as now.. :) Thanks to Omay & Felix by asking me to be your official photog during that great day.. Hope to have another co-operation again with you soon! :) Mandy Nandu and her partner was one of their invited guest during that day. It was happening at there.

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