The Malaysian Independence Day's Baby aka Sept 16th, 2010

Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia pada tahun ini amat bermakna bagi saya.. :) Pada hari yang sama dengan hanya berbezakan 3 jam sahaja, adik saya iaitu Lucy selamat melahirkan anak perempuan pada Jam 4 pagi sementara ipar saya iaitu Mazirah, yakni isteri kepada sepupu saya iaitu Christopher pula selamat melahirkan anak perempuannya pada Jam 1 pagi. Anak Lucy dinamakan Estherlyssa dan anak Christopher dinamakan Alendra, hampir sama dengan nama anak - anak saya.. yang mana semuanya bermula dengan Al jua.. hehe.. My daughter's name is Alstenety, Alsmelytha dan Alcy.. well, I am very proud to my cousin and my younger sister. It awesome when you have a niece, born in the same day and the day of it is the History Day for your country.. wow!! Here is some of their photo, taken a few days after born at their home.. enjoy it!

Alendra Christopher
Estherlyssa Edwin @ Lucy's Daughter

Estherlyssa & Alsmelytha (Toyen)

Jasvinder & Stella

Hi.. Here is the 1 Malaysia's Wedding! The man is from KL and he is Punjabi., while the women is from Tambunan and she is a Dusun Girl.. Phew! What a great wedding.. God's Made is Awesome! Love You God!! I think this is one of the Best Wedding Reception I ever attend and shot. The couple is dancing during the opening.. Until the End of Time..meaning to say, until the end of the time for that night.. It was great!

Kissing Me as Your Lovely One
The Ring
The Bride's Shoes

The Bride @ Stella

The Groom @ Jasvinder
Tie for the Groom

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