May Ling's Maternity Shot

As a wedding & portrait photographer, maternity shoot is one of actual my routine to photograph but this posting was my 1st ever photography session for the maternity shoot. :) Enjoy this collection. *Credit to my client for giving a big co-operation during photoshot.. both of you are awesome!!! It Wilfred & May Ling! :)






Happy Easter 2011

Moga di maafkan semua salah dan silap saya.. Happy Easter 2011 !

Happy Easter 2011

Actual Wedding Photography Workshop by Benny Liew

When I start (around 4 or 5 years ago.. ) with this business of photography, I am only know about two or three or maybe four people (Our really local wedding photographer) which is really involved with the same business. They are George Duat, Benny Liew and George Yong. Then, I am goggle way an internet and saw some more like Meor, Mike Philip, Celistine, Azman Jumat and many more until now. For those are not written here, please do not angry because this is just a story that how I started this business by looking into my local wedding photographer., our really Amazing & Wonderful Wedding Photography., Louis Pang, the great one., which is inspired me more but I didn't get a chance yet to learn something from him, face to face., eventhough I am subscribe his blog as somebody else. Hope to get in soon. Anyway, this business is really popular and the number of participant in this business are became more bigger day by day.. From the day I started with this biz, a lot of things is changing especially in my style of taking photography, how I edit my photos, how I compose it or how I explore my talent to talk or communicate with my client and my associate during work.. but as everybody, we will never satisfy for what we have now and will ever, ever, and ever learn again until the end of time. One of my favorite mentor in this business was Benny Liew and the other one is George Duat., and as we all now., photographers got different style of photography. If you wanna know about them, just click their link at their name. :) For the record, today was my first time to be involved with Benny Liew's Actual Wedding Photography Workshop. It was held at Tang Dynasty Hotel, Kota Kinabalu near with the Petronas's Building. Here is my random shot during the workshop. The photos is not fully edited. Thanks to Benny Liew for the tips and thanks to reNew my Soul in this business of actual wedding photography! :)

Talent : Yuna / Story Behind The Photo : Where?


Talent : Yuna / Story Behind The Photo : The Happiness is Coming! (Smile)

Simple Smile

Talent : Yuna / Story Behind The Photo : I am The Bride! (The Wedding Bride's Model)

Yuna : The Wedding Bride's Model

People : Benny Liew / Position : Professional Wedding Photographer

Benny Liew

Thing at My Backyard : Pineapple

Thing at My Backyard : Pineapple 2

Taken using D700 + 50mm/F1.8

ISO100 - Focal Length 50mm - F2.2 - 1/200sec

The photos is cropped and contrasted using AP. CS3

Thing at My Backyard : Pineapple 2

Thing at My Backyard : Pineapple 1

Taken using D700 + 50mm/F1.8

ISO100 - Focal Length 50mm - F1.8 - 1/500sec

The photos is cropped and contrasted using AP. CS3

Thing at My Backyard : Pineapple 1

Thing at My Backyard : Rose

Taken using D700 + 50mm/F2.8
ISO100 - Focal Lenght 50mm - F1.8 - 1/500sec

The photos is cropped and contrasted using AL 3.3. :)

Thing at My Backyard

Woriu Tambulion (Tambulion River) : Learning Landscape

Here is our breakfast for today lah.. taken this photo during my trip again to kampong laa.. Mana lagi? (What do you think?).. hehe.. Being there for two days and two night.. it was awesome.. Every evening, I'll be at the river or about two to three hours with kids.. They are swim for about 2 hours and a half..and me, only for half hour laa.. hehe.. the other time time was to take this shoot and some more shoot. :) Its about slow shutter with filter and enhancing it a little bit with photoshop.

EXIF DATA : ISO100, Exposure Time 8", F32, Focal Lenght 17mm with ND8.

Taken on 09 April 2011 at 18:06:47 with Nikon D90 + 17-50mm/F2.8

Woriu Tambulion (Tambulion River)

Watching SUNSET with family at Tanjung Lipat, Likas

Last sunday, I bring my family goes to Tanjung Lipat, Likas to watch th Sunset. Here is some of picture that I've taken during that day. I just love the color of it. By using this new lens, everything gonna be fine and I am very happy with that. :) Taken using D700 + 70-200mm/F2.8VRI

My youngest daughter playing with the beach sand! Can't stop them to play at there.. :)

Smile Baby
My Koupusan (Darling) posing back to the Tanjung Lipat Beach & Tun Mustapha Building @ Yayasan Sabah
Cowgirl 2
My 1st Daughter. Cen - Cen @ Alsmelytha Shane
Amateur Model
This is my favorite for the day! :) Toyen @ Alsmelytha Shanty Baby & Sunset
My Koupusan (Darling) posing back to Tanjung Lipat Beash again.. The Orange Sunset was superb [after i tweak the WB up to 5.5k.. :)]! 
Cowgirl 1
My Youngest Sister., Lucy with her 1st Baby.. Its Lyssa.. :)
Mom & Daughter

Mount Kinabalu : Seeing from The Mengkabong Bridge, Tuaran

Here os again, one of my landscape photo and more to come soon. I am still learning into this genre of photography as my focus still on wedding photography...still.. :) This photo taken during my last week outing. For the record, this is my first time doing photography alone and suddenly at the Mengkabong Bridge, Tuaran.. I met with Mr. CV Chong. He is one of the city famous commercial and event photographer. Great time with him..It was a very great evening with a great / senior photographer at that place. :) He sharing some of landscape knowledge with me.. Its a fate again! :)

An Evening at Mengkabong Bridge, Tuaran : Facing Mt. Kinabalu

The Engagement Day of Elvislee & Fedelia

He is my cousin, also as a best friend at kampung la.. She is from Kg.Kitou, Tambunan. They engage during the chinese new year early of this year. First time meet with both of them., I am smile all the time.. they are so sweet.. lovely couple! So romantic and happiness was seen at their faces. Enjoy with their photos here.. More photos at here > My FaceBook : The Engagement Day of Elvislee & Fedelia

Lovely Couple

Elvislee & Fedelia

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