My BestFriend : Cooney Jaime

Everybody got their own friend or maybe best friend. I also have one and maybe more. One of them is Cooney Jaime. He is my child hood friend until now. Our experience is uncountable. Like me.. He also already found his forever friend, Elly Ezra. And also already got his first baby, a cute baby.. Calvenson Ethan. What a cute name!! Hehe.. but Ethan is youngest than Cen.. However, their are still the cute babies!! Hehe.. I grab some of their (Cooney's Family) picture from Cooney's Friendster Account. Check it out!!!

How's them? Cute? Hehe..well done! Pandai bikin bah kan kawan sia ni?

Anyway, congrats to Cooney and may God bless his family 'till the end of time!!

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