The 2nd KE Gathering

Artis : Danny F. Malinggi
Lagu : Siou Noh

The 2nd KE Gathering [Video]

*sorry, cos time tu tia bawa, gelap and sorry to Vinusak for the (Sinisai word at Clip was Sid Isai and not Sinisai..sorry.. :D)

Artis : Vincent Duan
Lagu : Sid Isai
Album : Vinusak

Artis : Vincent Duan
Lagu : Tihad Ginavo Ku
Album : Vinusak

Artis : Jaf
Lagu : My Baby You (Song Mark Anthony)

The 2nd KE Gathering

The 2nd Kadus Entertainment or KE was held at D'Koisaan Cafe, KDCA, Penampang on 20 October 2007. Hadir pada malam tersebut merupakan artis - artis tempatan Sabah dan juga ahli - ahli KE. I capture some picture and video there. Here you are. This collection is took by my canon camera and Sony Handycam on that night. More picture from GOGDS.

Jason, Lissa, Olumis

DJ Mark & JasonJay


Elpy Rapheal Linus & DJ Mark Linus

Ateng (variasi 2005) & Usal Gavis

Vincent Duan, Fredo, Pirut (seat), Robbie Angkangon, Usal Gavis

Dennis & Rooney

Lihing & Barambang

Usal & Betcy

Vincent Duan (Vinusak), Fredo (KDM Idol), Usal Gavis, NARS (Variasi 2005)

Robbie & Dennis

Robbie Angkangon, Dennis Gais (Pusakag), Pirut

Rooney, Danny F. Malinggi, Dennis Gais, Fredo

Usal & Pirut

Fredo & Robbie Angkangon

Betcy Micheal, Danny F. Malinggi, Fredo

Dennis Gais, DJ Mark Linus (Sabah VFM), Danny F. Malinggi

The 2nd KE Gathering

*sorry, wrote in malay.

Hemm.. 20 Oktober 2007 [Sabtu]. KE's 2nd Gathering diadakan di D'Koisaan Cafe. Ramai artis yang datang. Ramai juga KE member yang hadir. Nda payah sa cerita banyak2 dulu..baik kamu tingu ni gambar [courtesy to GOGDS and Kadus punya gambar sendiri belum upload lagi]

oww... nda cukup masa pula untuk edit.. will edit esok.. thats all.

The Sun Umbrella or The Sun Rainbow

I don't know what is the exactly name for that nature. This situation was happened yesterday [11 October 2007]. Taken this picture at 4th Floor of my office.


I am busy with my picture. Busy with my camera. Busy with my wedding photo editing. There's no update since 3rd Oct '07. Well, my latest update is at CenPictures only.

29 September '07 : DIED

My Father's Cousin Grandmother passed away on 29th September 2007 at 6.00pm. I was at Kg. Langsat, Papar for her buried day. It was on the 1st of October, 2007. Here is some of the picture.

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