My Daughters Baptism

Last sunday, there is a baptism ceremony held at St.Edmund, Kota Belud. All of my daughter was baptize at that day and I was so happy with that. Two weeks before, me and my beloved wife joined the others to the one day seminar, the infant baptism seminar. We were asked to prepare all the things like their white clothes, white towel, everything is white la... Well, here is some of our photos during the important day.
Alstenety Shane

Alsmelytha Shanty

Alcy Shanice

Cen - Cen

Kucey with her Mum.. :)


Kucey, Me, Untie Goto, Cen - Cen, Fr.Frederick B.R, Mummy & Kucey

The babies with their parent. :) Ramai kan? I heard that it was around 30 baby baptize on that day..

Here is my family.. :) Peluh menitis ke lantai kerana tempat tu panas, tia sempat pun lap mahupun mau diedit di sini.. hehe..

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