Juara Lagu Dusun 2008

Its been a long while that I don't post any at here. It was a little bit busy around. I am so sorry about this.. :) Well, you know me.. hehe.. below here is the photos of the Juara Lagu Dusun 2008, held at Dewan Masyarakat Ranau a month ago. We was not the official for them but as a volunteer for this kind of business, we try to capture as much as we can. There's some trouble or maybe some unsuitable to seat at the left side of the hall during the event, and that's why you'll look something weird to my photos here.. it was all shot from the left. :) Check it out bro!

2 comments & ideas:

InobonG ProPer said...

Thank you for the great pictures boss!

Saya 'curi' tu gambar2 Linda Nanuwil kio...peminat bah ni :))

Ada gambar Linda yg lain lagi kah boss?

Pirut said...

:) Thanks for the great comment boss..

Ok bah tu.. curi jak, yang penting ko bagi tau jak...

Gambar dia yang lain tu ada di dalam picasa album sa.. :)

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