2nd Heat Of KE Next Top Entertainer

As I promise yesterday, here is some of the photos of the 2nd Heat Of The KE Next Top Entertainer, held at
Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon on 21st of March 2009. The contestant was so amazing..Their voices, their performance...
just like a profesional singer. I am proud to all of them. Well, the choosen two was almost perfect with their song. Both of
them is Marlleynney & Jisius sang very well their selected song. I am satisfy, it was my opinion.. my taught. :)
The rest also got my thumbs up!!! During this second heat, our local lovely DJ & Singer also there for giving fully support
as DJ Othoe [SuriaFM], Alvin [Infinatez], Danny F. Malinggi, Usal John Gavis, Robbie Angkangon with his
Vinusak Production's Crew, Malvin Kalbin and Lenny James. I am proud of you all guys! :) Enjoy this cumulatives photo..

Toyen, Chen, Yoyoi & Ogou

Suppose to post about 2nd Heat of The KE NextTop Entertainer but I'll post about this family photos first. Last sunday, my beloved play-play with the camera and shoot our daughter [Toyen & Chen ] and their cousin [Yoyoi & Ogou], while I am sleep at that nice weekend day.. :) Enjoy it.. Next post will be the KENTE 2nd Heat!

KE Nikonian

Just for fun, i am less of ideas.. hehe.. :)
Plus, it got a little bit noise.. sorry for laziness of editing. Well,
sumtime enjoy a bad photos.. hehe...

Around The 1st Heat KE Next Top Entertainer

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