Eddy & Hartini

Again, this is my first posting after a few months of un-written something at here. Most of my time was busy of editing and editing. I am so sorry for not doing my responsibility to do what the most important as a photographer should do. For the record, the month of Nov '10, Dec '10 and Jan '11, it was the super busier month for the wedding photographer. Most of couple doing the wedding reception or their wedding solemnization during that month. Well, the most problem issue to solve after the wedding party finish is the photo processing. It was about photo's editing, designing, burning, and printing. Eyes will be tired because I have to open it until at least at 2am everyday to make photos processing. Actually it was a great experience to do. Its again became more worst when your client keep asking their photos and it sometime make your blood pressure became high and your can't breath easily. :( Huhu.. let forget about this things. This is a routine for any photographer. This another collection was a great experience. Its held in Ranau on Dec 18th, 2010. Let rock our New Year 2011!!

Wedding RIng

Shoes & Ring

The Solemnization Dress

Beautiful M.U.A


Hand's Ring

Same Smile

Sweet Couple

The Happiness Begin

Great Group of Family

More Wed Photos Soon..

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