Merry Christmas 2011 & Happy New Year 2012

Wanna wish you all in this this this big day again. Selamat menyambut Hari Kelahiran Juruselamat Kita, Yesus Kristus ke Dunia. Semoga kita sekalian diberkati dan dirahmati olehNya. Mohon ampun dan maaf sekiranya terkasar bahasa dan terkasar perlakuan buat kamu semua. Kita seri ah.. 0-0.. Nanti sa belanja kamurang kuih pisang.. hehehe.. :) Kalau sesiapa yang ada buka pintu rumah time krismas tu...jan lupa jemput.. kasi tinggal tapau pun okey baitu.. hehehehe.. :)

Photography Camp Sabah 2011 (Random Photos)

Hi Guys. Are you miss me? :) I am a little bit busy. Doing this, doing that and some more things. Here is some of photo during the Photography Camp 2011, held at Kg. Tambatuon, Kota Belud. It was really happening and really enjoy. Even though we were tired and not really enough rest during the camp but, the feeling and enjoying the camp was full blast!

Bride's Pose

Photo Camp Sabah 2011 : Close Up & Macro Session

Photo Camp Sabah 2011 : Close Up & Macro Session

Photo Camp Sabah 2011 : Close Up & Macro Session

Photo Camp Sabah 2011 : Close Up & Macro Session

Photo Camp Sabah 2011 : Creative Lighting

Will post more again soon. :)

Photography Camp Sabah 2011 : Form

Photo Camp Sabah 2011 : Brochure & Form

PHOTOGRAPHY CAMP @ Kg. Tambatuon, Kota Belud
organized by PIRUTphotography
target audience is Beginner to Intermediate Photographers
(Others also invited!)

DATE : 30 Sept 2011 - 02 Okt 2011
3 Days 2 Nights – RM 850.00 Per Person
CLOSING DATE : 26 Sept 2011 (Monday)

Included Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner & Supper and also your Accommodation as a Bed to Sleep laa.. :) Your transport to be at that place are not Included!


10196-0-01-800107-2 (Alliance Bank) / JAPRIN THOMAS

Please Inbox OR Email JAPRIN THOMAS @ Facebook
Email – /
HP No : +60138673620
FB's :
LIKE MY PAGE : PIRUTphotography ( )

Venue: Rest House Kg. Tambatuon, Kota Belud (

September 30th, 2011

8.00am – 9.30am Registration
9.30am – 10.00pm Icebreaking session and briefing by organiser
10.00am – 10.15am Tea Break
10.15am – 10.45am Exposure by Lano Lan
10.45am – 12.15pm Walk Around Kg. Tombotuon with Lano Lan
12.15pm – 2.00pm Lunch
2.00pm – 3.30pm Shooting Macro by Ramdan Nain
3.30pm – 3.45pm Afternoon Tea Break
3.45pm – 6.30pm Walk Around Kg. Tombotuon with Ramdan Nain &
Lano Lan (Macro, Sunset & Slowshutter)
6.30pm – 8.30pm Rest & Dinner
8.30pm – 10.00pm Photo Comment & Critique
10.00pm – 10.15pm Supper
10.15pm – 12.00am Night Shot (Startrail) by Lano Lan

October 1st, 2011

5.30am – 6.30amSunrise Shot with Lano Lan
6.30am - 8.30am Rest & Breakfast
8.30am – 10.15am Etiquette @ Protocol In Photography by Francis Au
10.15am – 10.30am Tea Break
10.30am – 12.30pm Journalism by Zamain Singkui
12.30pm – 2.15pm Lunch
2.15pm – 3.30pm Basic Portraiture by George Duat
3.30pm – 5.00pm Outdoor Portrait Photography (Couple & Single)*
by George Duat (Theme would be PRE-WEDDING, FASHION & BIKINI)
5.00pm – 7.30pm Rest & Dinner
7.30pm – 9.30pmPhoto Comment & Critique
9.30pm – 12.00amBarbeque (Night Shot & Startrail Shot)

October 2nd, 2011

5.30am – 6.30am Sunrise Shot
6.30am - 8.15am Rest & Breakfast
8.15am – 10.15am Photo Manipulation with Adobe Photoshop by Sam
10.15am – 10.30am Tea Break
10.30am – 12.30pm Photo Album Design with Photoshop
(Template & Custom) Part 1 by Edmund Wodjin
12.30pm – 1.45pmLunch
1.45pm – 3.00pmPhoto Album Design with Photoshop
(Template & Custom) Part 2 by Edmund Wodjin
3.00pm – 5.00pmDocumentation in Photography & Video (Francis Maluda)
5.00pm - 5.15pm Evaluation
5.15pm End of Photography Camp

* Photography models will be provided by organiser

Things To Bring :
1. DSLR with any accessories (Tripod, etc)
2. Laptop
3. Clothes @ Torch Lights @ Bath Accessories juga laa..
4. Kurupukkkk... :)


Born in Kiulu, 5 Years Experience in Photography, Specialized in Metering as Exposure of Lighting., as ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed.
Currently famous with his own trade mark "If You Trust Me". We call him as the Master of Metering. :) Check out this below link of Lano Lan!
Lano's Facebook :
Lano's Photoblog :
Lano's Flickr :

He is an Electrical Engineer, creativity is one of the most thing he must have as to see how the Electrical System Design and also to the Project Management. Studied Electrical Power System at University of Malaya. Has been a Photographer since 2005 but just to satisfied his heart as other., taken this photography as a Hobby. He is really great into Portrait and it was his Expertise. Click here for more about Gogds!
Gogds's Facebook :
Gogds's Photoblog :
Gogds's Picasa Album : &

Press Secretary to the Deputy Chief Minister at Ministry of Infrastructure Development Sabah. Studied BA (Hons) Psychology at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. With more than 10 years experience in his career now, The Etiquette & Protocol of Photography was one od the Most Important Thing that He must DO as to entertain others Press or Media Photographer and also to capture all of his DCM's Event Photos. Check out about him!
Francis's Facebook :

Worked at BerNaMa (Jurufoto Kanan), Studied at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He is one of the 'Taiko of Journalism' in Malaysia. He is the only one of Sabahan follow PM while PM make a Job's Visiting to CHINA, LONDON, ROME and more... . As a National Media Photographer (its known as Berita Nasional Malaysia - BERNAMA), he already Travelling to The Most of Site in The World as ROME, LONDON, CHINA, BRUNEI and so on.. To know more about this Man of The Man in Town, come to see and let him Reveal his Story there!!
Zamain's Facebook :
Zamain's Office :

Diploma in Computer Graphic Design, 4 Years Experience in Graphic Design especially in Custom Album Design and also as a Full Time Custom Album Maker in one of the Famous Photo's Printing Shop in KK. Most of his client's was Studio of Photography around Sabah and and also some of Wedding Freelance Photographer. As a Full Time Custom Album Maker, Adobe Photoshop was his 'BFF' all of the day time. :)
Check out his facebook here!
Edmund's Facebook :

Being a Photographer for more than 5 years, there is absolutely too many things we learn about photography. This photographer is awesome! He made it to learn more and more. Its not only about the wedding photography but also into journalism, macro, portrait and as well as a graphic designer.
Check his Work at here >
Ramdan FB >

As a Web Designer & also as a Graphic Designer in one of the famous web designer company is Sabah, Sam had a great work on this kind of media. His specialist not only into graphic but also into Sound Arrangement. Currently, he also make a part time teacher for those are really interested in Graphic Design.
Check his work here >
Sam's FB >

Learn this media platform since 1979 at Technical Training Institute, KL. He is done with more than 50 telemovies (Bili-Bili Do was one of the group of Sabahan Artist working under this company) as a Director of Photography & Video. He is the Director of Al Mewah (Sabah) Sdn Bhd. He is also a Creative Director for LeoMedia Sdn Bhd (doing 3D Animation, Videography, Creative Media & Documentary Production), Director of the Borneo Discovery Magazine and also a Videographer for the Gimbaran Creative Media (Wedding, Event, etc). Being 25 years in this industry, Francis Maluda was one of the ‘Video’s Taiko’ in Sabah. Currently, he was doing an International Project which called Herbal Healers Documentary, granted by Ministry of Science & Technology Malaysia (MOSTI) and would be aired into National Geographic around the world.
Check out his profile / work at
His website at,,,

There you are guys!! Come and join us to this Photography Camp!

Sneak Preview of The Actual Wedding Day : Edmond & Nora

Thanks for the chance to shot your wedding guys! It was awesome to be your off photog during your big day! Thanks also to Jessica for introducing me to you. Jessica also doing a great work as your M.U.A at there and it was an awesome to work with her. :) Full of happiness and laugh at your big day! :)

The Queen of The Day

I am ready to be Mrs. Edmond

Hand in Hand

The Kiss

Edmond & Nora : The Sensation

My 1st Startrails

My 1st Startrails
Menge'Startrails' di Kampung 

Using Nikon D90, ISO400, F4, Exposure Time 30s, Focal Length 17mm, Shooting Time 11.15pm until 12.58am pada Hari Raya ke 5, yakni pada 03 September 2011. 

Perasaan sia terhadap gambar ini adalah., Compo nya ada sedikit nda siok dan itu Circle nya pun macam ada kecil sikit sebab saya guna wide lens yang tia berapa wide sangat untuk landskap. Angle gambar Startrail ini mungkin sepatutnya di kasi turun sikit ke bawah tapi saya takut gambar di bawah nanti tia siok di tingu sebab ada gambar kumpulan kerabau yang sedang berjalan-jalan di sekitar padang rumput di luar kawasan rumah. :) Tapi, harap ini hanya dapat memberikan inspirasi kepada kawan2 untuk buat gini juga.. :) Gambar ini merupakan sebahagian gambar yang di ambil pada malam tersebut. Saya bermula menge'Startrails' pada Jam 8.28pm sehingga Jam 3.15am.. :) Ada lebih kurang 6++ keping gambar yang terhasil. Ketika menge'Startrails' ini dijalankan, aktiviti yang dijalankan adalah menghabiskan bahar yang baru dituai oleh mentua pada petang sebelum malam tersebut.. Hari itu lah juga.. Jadi, itu bahar pun ada sadap sikit.. ada manis ada pahit.. :) 

Startrails ini terhasil, atas tunjuk ajar Sifu Lano Lan pada beberapa hari sebelum puasa yang lepas di Bukit Kokol yang indah pada malam hari.. :) Sifu Lano Lan mengajar secara berterusan pada siang dan malam di Kem Fotografi, di Kg. Tambatuon (Rest House Kg. Tambatuon, KB) pada 30.09 hingga malamnya dengan tajuk Exposure. Ianya mengenai Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO dan Exposure (-+) pada kamera DSLR anda. Sertai kami pada Kem Fotografi ini! 

Sila lihat Event Group tersebut di sini > atau terus menghubungi saya di talian 013 867 3620 untuk pertanyaan lanjut. 

 Kem Fotografi tersebut akan di langsungkan pada 30 September 2011 hingga 02 Oktober 2011 di Rest House Kg. Tambatuon, KB dengan Yuran RM850 sahaja. :)

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Untuk kesekian kalinya, saya mahu mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat semua kawan-kawan jurugambar, kawan-kawan pembaca yang lain di luar sana. Maaf zahir batin dipinta juga ya.. :) Kalau ada kuih raya nanti, silalah hantar melalui pos sahaja.. hehehe..

Selamat Hari Raya to All My Muslim's Friend

Juga, selamat pengantin baru kepada mereka yang akan melangsungkan perkahwinan selepas hari raya ini, semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu. Tak lupa juga kepada kawan2 yang lain, selamat bercuti!! :)

*Pesanan Pendek : Jangan kamu lupa ah.. PHOTO CAMP (Sabah) 2011 anjuran PIRUTphotography akan di adakan pada 30 September 2011 hingga 02 Oktober 2011 di Kg. Tambatuon, Kota Belud. Yurannya cuma RM850 dan penceramahnya adalah seramai 8 orang dengan 8 topik yang berlainan. :) Lihat Event Group ini di sini > Baca juga post ini >

Happy Holiday & Selamat Hari Raya

Hai kawan2. How are you all? Post kali ini adalah untuk mau mengucapkan Selamat Bercuti dan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua blogger2 dan juga pembaca2 blog di luar sana.. takkn di dalam pula kan? :) Semoga kmurang semua sihat dan sihat selalu..Jangan nakal2 ah... :) Kepada yang akan berkahwin, semoga kamu berbahagia selalu hendaknya.. amin.. :)

Bukit Bendera (Night)

*Gambar di atas diambil pada awal Tahun 2008 dengan menggunakan Sony A100 do Bukit Bendera, KK.

Pesanan Pendek : Jangan kamu lupa ah.. PHOTO CAMP (Sabah) 2011 anjuran PIRUTphotography akan di adakan pada 30 September 2011 hingga 02 Oktober 2011 di Kg. Tambatuon, Kota Belud. Yurannya cuma RM850 dan penceramahnya adalah seramai 8 orang dengan 8 topik yang berlainan. :) Lihat Event Group ini di sini > Baca juga post ini >

Teaser of The Photoshot featuring Daisey


The New Album's Launching of Hary Nianti : Kada Pologoso - Part 3

As promised, here is the 3rd Part of Hary's New Album Launching. Enjoy this photo!

Hary with his Big Fan
Big Fan
Esther Clement Tubong & Hary Nianti
Same Level
Hary with his friends
Big Fan
His Big Fans
Big Supporter
Give some autograph to the Fan
A Pose with his fan
Supporter Again
With Friends
His Friend

Journalist & Friends
Another Big Fan of Him
With Fan!
'Orang Kuat'
The Hary Nianti Launching Album's Staff
Hary's Friend from KL
KL's Friend
The MC of the Night, Fifi & Rifanzi Ruji
MC & Rifanji
Big Friends of Hary
Friends & Artist
Our Deejay, Artist, Journalist, Event Management
Funny & Attractive
Our Journalist & Deejay
The Journalist

Journalist & Artist
The Ex-SuriaFM's DJ - Othoe @ Andrew Impungan
Othoe Atukoi

That's all for Hary Nianti's New Album Launching. For me, the launching was soooo happening. It was quite interesting and very different than the other friend of us. Love their preparation for this launching especially for the Album's Launching Ceremony itself. Phew!! An Ice? :) Great One! Hope, our another coming artist or our new album's launching agaian soon.. Do this kind of a way to promote their album by having a great ceremony. Find ur sponsor la juga.. :)

The New Album's Launching of Hary Nianti : Kada Pologoso - Part 2

Here is the 2nd Part of the Hary Nianti's New Album Launching. Enjoy it!

Hary Nianti perform one of his song.
Hary Nianti
Singing the Duet Song with Betcy Micheal
Hary & Betcy
Esther Applunius Chin & Friend
Esther Applunius Chin & Friend
Rifanzi Ruji
Mr. Joseph
Mr. Joseph
Guest of The Night
The Audience
Usal John Gavis @ UJG
Usal John Gavis
Esther Clement Tubong
Esther Clement Tubong
Esther C. Tubong featuring Jaymeral
Jaymeral & Esther C
Interview Session
Hary Nianti's Interview
Marlleney & Bernard
Marlleney & Bernard
Our Backstage's People (Jason Jay, Callix & Jaymeral)
Floor Manager & Friend
Hary's Friend

Family & Supporter

There's will be another 3rd Part of this Hary Nianti's New Album Launching.

The New Album's Launching of Hary Nianti : Kada Pologoso - Part 1

On the July 30th, 2011, at Damai Club, Penampang., another one new album of Sabahan was launched. It was officially launched by YB Donald Mojuntin. I was their Off Photogs & assist by Alvin on Video. The launching new album was superb with almost more than 50 people coming to witness. It was Hary's supporter, relatives, fans, local artist, Radio's DJ, Event Manager, and so on. One thing that I am really proud about this launching is their preparation and also the launching ceremony. It was superb and interesting when the launching is about to crack the ice first before the DVD. Its was quite interesting and it was the first one I saw in here. :) Great one! :) Some of our artist in there is Esther Applunius Chin, DJ Othoe, Bernard Laimen Micheal, Ferrady Okuling, Esther Clement Tubong, Gedion Hilarius, Betcy Micheal, Norbert Andillah, Dyandra Justin, The Sabahan Online Radio's DJ Iter, The MTV Director's Jason J Bullah, the Proeve Manager's Steve, Jaymeral, Janrywine, Esther Clement Tubong, Usal John Gavis, Refanzi Ruji, Joseph, Devreny Debra Disin, Marlleney, Hary Twin's Peter Anderson Nianti and more. Some of KE's Staff also invited there as a guest. It was George Duat, Marc Mojitoh, Mahapson Mail, Khai Puma Jamal and more. Its also witnesses by the family of Hary Nianti and his friends from Peninsular of Malaysia. Some of artist sang at that Big Night of Hary Nianti was Bernard & Marlleney, Jaymeral, Peter A. Nianti, Joseph, Usal JG, Betcy Micheal and Refanzi. Enjoy this Photo Album of this New Album Launching's Hary Nianti - Kada Pologoso.

The New Album : Hary Nianti

Hary Nianti

Hary Nianti
KE's Co-Founder : George Duat
HARYwith his Floor Manager's Jason Jay
Hary with his Floor Manager, Jason
Esther Applunius Chin
HARY with his twin brother's Peter Anderson Nianti (Peter is left side.. :))
Hary with his twin, Peter Anderson
Hary with YB Don
Hary Nianti
The Album Launching's Ceremony
YB Don launching the New Album of Hary
HARY presenting the DVD Set to YB DON
Hary presenting the DVD Set to YB Don
A Group Photo with the VVIP
Group Photo
The Audience 3
The Audience 2
HARY'S Relatives
The Audience 1
HARY perform featuring JAYMERAL
Hary Nianti featuring Jaymeral
HARY NIANTI perform the Kada Pologoso
Hary Nianti
Wait for the Photo Album's Part 2!

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