unupdate 'till next year + x'mas '08 & new year '09 + wedding invitation

this blog will not update 'till i came back from holiday... :)

Merry X'mas 2008 & Happt New Year 2009
to all of you my friend out there!

May God Bless you all!

Forgive my bad behavior, my mistakes, my sadness to you [if i ever.. ] and
whatever lah.. kalau salah, tulung ampunkan ya.. :D

beginilah manusia biasa.. selalu salah dan salah lagi.. minta ampun..

urang bilang kusung - kusung lah sama kamurang semua ah..
mana tau kamurang marah sa nda update.. marah sebab sa jarang masuk blog kamurang..

i am so suriii.. kio.. :)

Pirut says " kamurang dijemput datang ke rumah saya di Kg. Tonobon Baru Bunga Raya, Keningau pada 29 Disember 2008.,

jan tia datang ah.. just call me.. :)

Episod Album Launching Rundown

Episod was established on January 2008. There are three of people in this group. Larry Q [32] & Suri [38] is Sabahan
Shawnskiz [41] is from New Jersey, USA. The song concept is Free Pop and they was the apprentice for that concept of song.
Wednesday, 10Th Dec '08, their album was launching at Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon by Peter Dicky Lee as their Guest Of Honour at that nite. Some local & also national artists was there to giving their support as Felix Agus, Jass, Khai, Shawn, Usal John Gavis,
Melvin Kalvin,
Adolf, Jaidy Bading, Joseph Majakui, Navison LL, Ricardo, DJ Marklinus and also representative from Sabah Records, Fred. All of their song was created and arranged by themself. This album called Dimanakah Sinar Cinta?
Here is the intisari of the album ;

Episod Cinta
Created - Larry Q
Lyric - Larry Q & Khai

Harijadi Mu
Created - Larry Q
Lyric - Larry Q & Eddy

True Love [English]
Created - Larry Q
Lyric - Shawnskinz

Dimanakah Sinar Cinta [English and Malay version]
Created - Larry Q
Lyric - Shawnskinz & Larry Q

Created - Larry Q
Lyric - Larry Q

Created - Larry Q
Lyric - Khai, Big J & Rapper K

Created - Larry Q
Lyric - Larry Q

and here is some photos during the launching... more photos at my picasa album.

their backdrop..

ricardo, shawn, shawnskinz, larry q, jass, felix agus, peter dicky lee & emcee of the nite

Felix Agus

Launch the album by Peter Dicky Lee [one of the Director Of Event, 1Borneo]

Episod & Peter Dicky Lee


Adolf [finalist of the Sugandoi 2008]

Jaidy Bading



Shawn [LG Star] feat Suri

Fred [Sabah Records](2nd from left) with artists & friends

Tomm, Melvin, Gogds, DJ Mark, UJG

Orang Kuat KE
Pirut says 'most of my photos was bad at that nite.. it is because of the speedy didn't work well.. :('

Ralph + Christ

The day after I took a photos at Bambangan's Sister, I was at Kota Belud for the same purposed.. invited as an official photogs
to their wedding at the church and at their wedding reception, brides house. Here is some of Ralph & Christ photos..I am using
the creative album psd wedding template vol.6 as their wedding template. Thanks to Gogds for this one.. he was the one who told me
about this template before. It was amazing one.. :)

Pirut says 'Gambar Anugerah Pertisa, Gambar Pelancaran Album Episod : Dimanakah Sinar Cinta akan dipostkan tak lama lagi.. just wait.. :)'

Eleazar + Jannifer

Without any updates about few days, here is the latest project involved me. On the 30th of November '08, Ronnie @ Bambangan ask
me to help him for his younger
sister wedding reception at KDCA co-operated with GOGDS and himself. This post is the largest
number of photos that I ever posted into here for one post. It is 34pcs
photos. I am enjoy at Eleazar & Jannifer Weddings Reception.
It is because of the whole co-operation as well. The groom and his bride give us a full support, the audience
@ guest is flexy
with the camera and off course, the
Yahai Band always give the 100% commitment by giving their best to help everybody fell
into music and enjoying the
wedding ceremony. Thanks Ronnie @ Bambangan cos gave me a chance, to help him there.......
and please dun forgot to do me a favor on 28th Dec '08. Orait? :)

Sorry for the un-told story for a photos here.. this is a photoblog. :)

The Venue

Miohon Pinisi

Miohon Pinisi

The BridesMaid

we start to help each other, start from here..

Ronnie + BraidsMaid


Gogds + Bossing + Kiuluman

Gogds in action again...

Kiuluman with the siopon! Dia bilang anaau sudah.. hehe..


Benn Simon Bukag



Yo!! I am the Brides Brother!! :)

The Cute Boy

Mr. Bambangan @ Ronnie

Kihaaaa... mari-mari.. rancak!! Pa tarian durang ni ah?

The Handsome Man

Ready.. ready.. go! Dance.. more dance! hehe..


Hehe.. here we go!

Ehem.. champion jugalah dia menari.. :)

GOGDS The Guitarist? Wanna Quit from Photography kerr?

Wei kawan, give me some comment here lah.. hehe.. I need ur well criticism. It is important for me to help myself improve,
to be a good photographer.
After today, the PERTISA Award 2008 would be my another project, combine again with my
big boss, GOGDS photography..Bambangan, with 3 more another photogs... huh.. siapa2
tu ah boss? lupa sia oo.. hehe.. mari kita
kasi ramai2 sana KDCA bisuk ah.. RM3 saja tu bayarannya kalau di grandstand.. kalau di meja-meja, RM100 per person lah..
mari..mari.. ada c DJ Othoe [SuriaFM] juga tu sana, dia jadi MC tu...

Pirut says "ee.. tia sabar mau guna external speedy sa.. biar murah2, yang penting cantik gambarnya.. biar kici2.. bulih jua utk cari makan sikit-sikit.. hehe.. "

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