KE T-Shirts

Here is the very new of the Kadus Entertainment T-Shirt. It is not available for sale yet but it will be available for sale as soon as
possible but with a little bit difference with this one.
Maybe differences between the quality of t-shirt and color only..
its not decide yet by the KE Committee. Just wait..

Model : Olumis, Kadus, Gogds

Dennis Gais & Jennifer

Last saturday, just what I've told you all before.. There's A Wedding Day Reception at Dewan
Masyarakat Menggatal, Menggatal. It was between Mr.Dennis Gais and Ms.Jennifer.
Here is some photo..
All the photos include both of the bride & groom and their friends and family. Several KE Member
also there to give a support and congrats.

Mr&Mrs Dennis at the entrance of the hall..

Thanks speech..

Looking at the crowd..

May God bless to both of you..

DJ Denis as the MC

Gogds as the Official Photographer

Betcy Micheal & Tomm

Bambangan, Katama & Lihing

Posed for their friends & family.. for memories..

Tomm (tiusss.... hehe.. haus bah tu kan Tomm.. Chivas kah tu?)

Mark Paul Baklin (composer, singer, etc.. talented guy!)

Tati Emily Majil as The Unduk Ngadau Tambunan 2008


Emily Majil as The Unduk Ngadau Tambunan 2008

Emily Majil - 2nd Runner Up UN Sabah 2008


Gogds in action to shot both of the UN Sabah

Bambangan also dun wanna missed it.. hehe

Emily Majil as the Tambunan UN 2008 with Devenna Jaikob as
Sulaman UN 2006, Unduk Ngadau Sabah 2006 &
Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008

again.. the both beauty..

Tomm & Mammai

The Braidsmaid
Mammai & Emily

Usal John Gavis as one of the performer on that special day..

Well, I am just a backing photogs for the day..

My Nephew

For the whole of this week, I didn't post even one at here..I am so sorry for this laziness my friend. There's a little bit busy
at my office.I need to update more database since it is almost near to the end of of the year.Occasionally, this last
2nd month we need to prepare most of our next year project.That is why I am only post this one at the last day. :) So sorry..
Below here is my nephew.. my beloved's nephew too.. :) There is much more picture that I shot but I only had this since
I already burn to cd half of my photos from pc.

Minto & Joliver

Andi [centre]

Burin & her younger sister


Until then, we'll see next week again. Well, for those of you out there got a free time on this saturday at 1.00pm..let us make a
courtesy visit ..courtesy visit pula.. hehe.. let us go to the Wedding Reception of Dennis Gais at Dewan Masyarakat Menggatal.
He was the famous Pusakag Singer with his very interesting song called 'Piuhangan Dii Tolumis'..

Out Station : Round The Sabah [UnCompleted]

Huh!! You can call me fortunate because of this unplanned accident breakdown our target to Round The Sabah again by land, without any damages to ourself. I am upset with all the things. Upset, angry and upset again! All planning that programmed early, cancel!! :) At 2.15pm, near with the Abedon POM junction, Kinabatangan By Pass... our D-Max hit a 3 tonne lorry. Thanks to God, there's nothing hurt between us. The only thing that I remember at that time is God and off course my family. :) I miss my Shane & Oyen.

Out Station : Round The Sabah

I will out station for my primary job for the whole of week, next week. The route will be almost the highway of our state, which from the KK City, K.Marudu, Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Tawau, Sapulut, Keningau and go back to KK. This is my latest far journey since transfer to this unit. A long time ago, I was always went for an out station by Sabah Air Ltds Helicopter but with this unit, mmm.. 2 years already oo.. 2 years for didn't have any air survey.. :( sometimes, miss to look down from helicopter.. See you all soon my friend. Good bye for a while.. :)

Thomas & Marene

Venue : Brides House, Kg.Tombulion Ulu, Kota Belud
Date : November 1st, 2008.
Thomas & Marene
[click the image to enlarge @ flickr]

Thomas & Marene-1
[click the image to enlarge @ flickr]


It was a little bit busy, trouble, rush, damages,etc.. some much thing ruins my own life in this couple of months. I am so tired to handle all of this. Every problem must got the solutions, the handling, an answer or what ever it is but if there's no other way to settle all of it, i just keep the life going on with its own plan, sometimes.. somebody call it fatally for our own life... well, the best way of it... i must be carry on this life going on as long as i still can breath..

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