My Nephew

For the whole of this week, I didn't post even one at here..I am so sorry for this laziness my friend. There's a little bit busy
at my office.I need to update more database since it is almost near to the end of of the year.Occasionally, this last
2nd month we need to prepare most of our next year project.That is why I am only post this one at the last day. :) So sorry..
Below here is my nephew.. my beloved's nephew too.. :) There is much more picture that I shot but I only had this since
I already burn to cd half of my photos from pc.

Minto & Joliver

Andi [centre]

Burin & her younger sister


Until then, we'll see next week again. Well, for those of you out there got a free time on this saturday at 1.00pm..let us make a
courtesy visit ..courtesy visit pula.. hehe.. let us go to the Wedding Reception of Dennis Gais at Dewan Masyarakat Menggatal.
He was the famous Pusakag Singer with his very interesting song called 'Piuhangan Dii Tolumis'..

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GregChai said...

sia pun suka ambik foto children, cute, kalu budak senang urus tapi kalu ambik urang basar, payah, ada yang pemalu, ada yang okay, ada juga yang marah kana ambik foto susah, susah

Sia suka foto baby ko tu cute. :)

C.Alv.B said...

lagi satu..budak2 ni kan..bergambar with what they are..they dont know how to pretend to be someone hehehe

Pirut said...

greg : hehe.. u are right.. :) kalau budak2 selalunya, durang tia marah kalau di ambil gambar atau malu2..tetapi sebaliknya, durang lai suka dan senang mau di ambil gambar.. berbanding dengan sebahagian org dewasa.. hehe.. malu2 lai..kadang2 lari terus dari pandangan... hehe.. tq fro the comment greg.

c.alv.b : haha.. betul tu..

Adell KB said...

All the photo here remind me my childhood long years ago,beside miss so much the surrounding my KB village. Suka sangat tengo photo si baby tu,very gentle n silent.

Pirut said...

hehe.. baby tu anak c mulin bah tu.. :) well, as a childhood.. born in village surrounding, we got much of experience there..

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