Dennis Gais & Jennifer

Last saturday, just what I've told you all before.. There's A Wedding Day Reception at Dewan
Masyarakat Menggatal, Menggatal. It was between Mr.Dennis Gais and Ms.Jennifer.
Here is some photo..
All the photos include both of the bride & groom and their friends and family. Several KE Member
also there to give a support and congrats.

Mr&Mrs Dennis at the entrance of the hall..

Thanks speech..

Looking at the crowd..

May God bless to both of you..

DJ Denis as the MC

Gogds as the Official Photographer

Betcy Micheal & Tomm

Bambangan, Katama & Lihing

Posed for their friends & family.. for memories..

Tomm (tiusss.... hehe.. haus bah tu kan Tomm.. Chivas kah tu?)

Mark Paul Baklin (composer, singer, etc.. talented guy!)

Tati Emily Majil as The Unduk Ngadau Tambunan 2008


Emily Majil as The Unduk Ngadau Tambunan 2008

Emily Majil - 2nd Runner Up UN Sabah 2008


Gogds in action to shot both of the UN Sabah

Bambangan also dun wanna missed it.. hehe

Emily Majil as the Tambunan UN 2008 with Devenna Jaikob as
Sulaman UN 2006, Unduk Ngadau Sabah 2006 &
Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008

again.. the both beauty..

Tomm & Mammai

The Braidsmaid
Mammai & Emily

Usal John Gavis as one of the performer on that special day..

Well, I am just a backing photogs for the day..

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karulann said...

I missed my friend wedding a few days ago, and got a nice surprised reading your post... Thanks a bunch, at least I could see some of her pic

Pirut said...

U are welcome karulann.. why didn't u come at that day?

Sitaring said...

Congrate tu Dennis, I didn't know dia kawin hahaha... anyway, you have many great shots here! I wish I have cam like u. I've kodak RM300 ringgit only hahahaha... but ok la kampung2

Pirut said...

thanks bro... hehe.. selalulah bah melawat2 sini supaya ko tau juga perkembangan kamiurang di KE ni.. hehe.. kamera tetap kamera bah kawan.. yg penting tangan tu pandai memicit tu punat kamera.. :)

ReNo said...

Again... nice shots bro...respect la

Pirut said...

Reno : tq again reno.. thank you ah..

C.Alv.B said...

Wah..beautiful wedding..Pirut when is ur turn anyway? hehehhe

Pirut said...

hehe.. c.alv.b.. waiting 4 u lah ni.. hehe..
c.alv.b: check ni lu =>

Kengkaru Kong said...

sa rugi mai ni inda dapat p tgk tu Wedding dorang beh! bila lai ni mau tgk urang kadus kawen?? huhu! Tunggu sa kawen lah ya... haha!!

Nice pics Pirut... awesome!!


Pirut said...

haha.. betul.. ko kawin baru nampak lai saturang kadus kawin.. hehe..

tq keng.. :)

Adell KB said...

Nice photo shot. Really lively!

Pirut said...

thanks adell.. i just want show what 'inside' while the wedding goin' on.. :)

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