Toni & Jovita

This collection was taken at Kota Marudu, end of April this year. The day before I took this photograph, I was at Lahad Datu. Three days journey at Lahad Datu, sitting at car for a three days and doing some my primary job there was a 'great' tiring done.. :) Me and my friend reach at KK around 10.30pm and I am too tired. At home, I prepare may equipment for this wedding shoot. At 12.30am, I try to sleep but can't sleep well until 1.00pm.. phew! Early morning, around 4am..I am woke up and start my engine.. 1st, I have to send my family to KB and after that directly to KM. Thanks to God for giving me a strength during this superb wedding day.. I am reach at KM only at 7.00am.. Start to shoot at hotel during M.U.A doing their work, goes to church for solemnization..continue to the hall for reception and my work only end at 8.00pm.. During that time, I am too tired but I am really take it 'too much' and here is some of my work during the day.. Anyway, Toni & Jovita is a great couple! I really love them! Awesome and really enjoyable! :)

Always be with you My Dear..

I am READY to be with you..


The Moment is So Sweet

Here I am..

Our Love is Forever

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Armstrong said...

Congrats to Toni and Jovita!

I like the 3rd picture... Cool. and I also like theme, red and white ;D Red my fav colour actually wakakaaka.

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