May Ling's Maternity Shot

As a wedding & portrait photographer, maternity shoot is one of actual my routine to photograph but this posting was my 1st ever photography session for the maternity shoot. :) Enjoy this collection. *Credit to my client for giving a big co-operation during photoshot.. both of you are awesome!!! It Wilfred & May Ling! :)






2 comments & ideas:

Armstrong said...

1st pic LOL... but the car shouldn't be there heehe.

and OMG besar suda perut dia. How many weeks more? Macam mau-mau keluar suda tu. Anyway, congrats in advance to them both n all the best ;)

Dev Clarehova said...

oh my god! takajut sa tu pic yg paling atas! hahahaha......takut sa kalau tu urang tajatuh di atas tu perempuan yg preg..hahaha

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