Wedding Photography Story [My Experience]

As I told somebody, anonymous yesterday.. I am not a good story teller here but I am trying too to be that person lah.. I am just a photoblogger as photography was my part time job now since 2007.. I starting to this job since that year but already as a hobby since 2003. This job was so great. It gave me a bonus, such like a money and off course satisfaction!! While doing this, there is so much things that I've been experienced. Connecting with bundles of photographer around KK and some from another district, also from others state and country. :) Being a wedding photographer, there is so much trouble or maybe problem and things that I have to facing and solve it alone. An example is when you were shooting your friends wedding. You make a deal with them, with a low price of shooting while you were also offer to shoot another wedding with a big number of price but you were eager to shoot your friends wedding than that big price of wedding photography too. Huhu.. this is one of my decision to do. That is just one of my problem... :)
Some other time, there is a couple wedding which can't easy pose in front of your gear.. and this is the time I have to show my credibility and creativity as a photographer. Ask them to smile, posing, adjust their sitting [group], talking to them while shooting [make a joke or maybe loyar buruk].. hehe.. This is must do once you were in this kind of business.
Others problem is Editing, Printing and Deliverance time frame.. Huhu.. every freelance photographer [or maybe it was only me facing this.. ], must faces this. While you were doing this, you also got to doing your primary only can do your others job at night or weekend day... but the big problem is, once you were well known in this industry [sikit - sikitlah.. :)], you'll got every weekends project [kadang-kadanglah kunun].. and this project would make you busy [busy gila lah kunun..], editing and so on would make you sleep around 1.00am or 2.00am everyday.. while doing this, you have to struggle and force yourself..maybe it was easy if you have your assistant but if your payment is just around RM0.6k to RM1.0k, it was still not capable your energy and costing. My time frame by doing this job of editing and so on is three to six weeks. So, it was just nice for me to edit and much trouble and problem lah.. hehe.. but it was just one part of wedding photography experience. I am still learn. Still trying to catch up other photographer experienced. I am really need others experience!
mmm.. a few hours ago,.. i went to hair saloon and here is my new face with that.. hahaha..

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Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

PirutPhotography said...

Ow! It thats true? :) You're very welcome then. :) Read again soon my post at here.. :)

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