KeKAS at Mamutik Island

Ups!!! Batagar sudah blog ni.. lol. Yup! It is been a long time to not write sumthin' at here.. huhu.. tergamam seketika dengan kesibukan bermain di FB.. terlalu banyak yang saya tertinggal untuk diberitahu di sini. It was including my
activity during my end of the year last year.. huhu.. Well, here is my latest, I mean..very latest la kunun ni.. This activity called KeKAS or Kem Kesedaran Alam Sekitar and it was a project between Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, Jabatan
Alam Sekitar Sabah and Sabah Park. Love to tell you all here that I was so happy at there. Know some very new friend from others agencies and also from the high school as Institut Perguruan Gaya and Institut Sinaran. They all are
very active and creative.. and snorkeling was my favorite doings whenever I meet with an island.. haha.. Here is some of our photos there. More photos at My Picasa Album and also at My FB Account.
Here is the participant with their Facilitator and the Task Team

Me, Our Director [Tn Hj Abd.Razak Abd. Manap], Elcie, Dk & Russel

Ajid @ Majidah from DOE

Elppy from Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Suhairy from Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
Rula Karaali from IS [She Iraqian]
Jonatahan from IS
Alex from IPG
Alamak..Forgot her name oo.. hehe.. Sorry ah. .She is from IPG
Mamutik's Sunrise [ sillhoutte ]

Mamutik's Sunrise
Mamutik's Jetty [Taken with My Friend's Fish-eye Lens]

Mamutik's Jetty [Taken with My Friend's Fish-eye Lens]

Mamutik's Sunrise

and here is me with snorkel! hehe.... 

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HoneyBUZZin said...

Hi Bro Pirut, I loved snorkelling too...aiyaa...mao p snorkelling uda nih!

Anonymous said...

Easily I to but I think the brief should have more info then it has.

PirutPhotography said...

honey - hehe.. good!! :) jemput2 kalau p snorkelling ah.. hhehehe..

anonymous - nice idea.. will improve it soon.. i am not a good writer bah.. either not a good story teller.. hehe.. but i'll try to do it soon. :)

Cath J said...

Love the fish eye lens.. ^_^

nice photo!

PirutPhotography said...

cath my loyal reader - :) thanks..

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