Nikon Basic Workshop

The workshop was very interesting. The important man for the day is Mr. Kelvin Chan. He was a great photographer as well,.. I am satisfy with the presentation. It was enjoy at there with almost 60 photographers around Kota Kinabalu. There was much of experience that I've got there. The model was Hot!! The photography tips is uncountable with the money and meeting with a new friends was great. I really happy cause at last I meet with the sifu - sifu as John Prudente, Jollence Lee and much more.. Hopefully that I can join this kind of workshop again soon.

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C.Alv.B said...

wow..that was very nice..the model too hehehe

PIRUT said...

Thank you C.Alv.B.. I am agree with you about the model here.. hehe.. thanks to Nikon's Workshop Team at here for the great workshop.. :)

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