Engagement Day of Zue & Ann

Last monday, I mean..yesterday.. I attend an engagement day for a cousin of my beloved wife at Kg.Tambulion Ulu. The man called Zue, while my beloved wife's cousin is Ann @ Puyung. It was my first time for getting a chance to shot an engagement ceremony at this village. I am a little bit surprise with all the total of the berian + nopungon, etc.. it was totally RM16K! huh.. wat a big number for them.. :( Well, on my own thought.. maybe it was just ngam for the very present day budget.. since the goods at market was expensive. It wasn't just the prices of the goods but also the price of the beef, chicken and more else.. BUT, for real.. or for me, the total of the price of the girl was too high! yes..it was! Then, both of them [zue & ann] agree to do their wedding ceremony for another 3 years.. I think, it was just nice then. Both of them can agglomerate the money first for the wedding and any of suitable preparing for the wedding day. At the day of the engagement ceremony, I try my best to capture all of the engagement agenda include their hantaran tunang, the happiness at all of their family, their parents smile and some video during the presentation of engagement's gift by Zue's family..but the video is not appear here lah,.. hehe.. Some of the photos taken is here. Enjoy it.. :)

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