The Finalist : KE Next Top Entertainer Season 3

Being with this group for several years, was so great and awesome. Even without any salary or any others benefit, or just be a loyal member.., I am so glad to help them. For the record, this year was the 3rd year for the KE Next Top Entertainer. This next saturday will be the Final and we are really excited to have it., and the contestant? Off course! They are really nervous but in the mean time, I know that they already ready to perform. What is the most thing that we proud about this voice & performing talent competition is most of the contestant got their 'Name' in this arena. They basic in this singing competition was really polished.. :) Anyway, hope you all will come to our Final on July 9th, 2011 (Saturday) at Auditorium Tun Raffee, Yayasan Sabah around 6.30pm until 10.00pm. The ticket will be sell during that time and also can be buy from Olumis @ Christine. [ Click her name ] Enjoy this video for more info about the Finalist. :)

Preview Video of The Finalist : KENTE Season 3 Finalist

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