The Engagement Day of Brian & Wennie

The Engagement of Brian & Wennie. The location is at Kg. Tambulion Ulu, Kota Belud, Sabah. The man are from Kg. Kirokot, Tambunan, Sabah. Thanks for your co-operation guys! You are awesome!! :)

We are just engaged!

Help Us or Leave Us.. :)

I am just Engage!

Marry Me..

Our Beautiful Day

Big Smile

Simply Laugh


I Am..

We are ready to Be at the Next Level


3 comments & ideas:

Armstrong said...

Awww another sweet couple shot by an amazing photographer ;D

Sia puji-puji ko ni. Ada kembang juga ka LOL jk.

PirutPhotography said...

:) Thanks bro.,. nanti sa belanja ko cola ahh .. hehe

floyd said...

Best tengok shots ni bro. Hope I can do the same one day!

Keep it up

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