Photoshoot featuring Abby

Being a wedding photographer, doesn't mean we cannot shot other kind of photography genre. Unless, you were like Louis Pang or maybe someone else like him..Maybe, we will busy with our work and other kind of photography will
not in our own schedule. This is what I am doing. Being a part time photographer or freelance photographer, I am
not fully book every week or every month, compare to the other.. :) Below here is one the my weekend 'things'..
Abby was the Winner of The Unduk Ngadau of Harvest Festival 2009 at Lahad Datu, Sabah. She got a talent in front of the
camera. I am proud of her showmanship! Photo number one to five was shot at Lok Kawi Beach recently with Yusz
Nizam, George Duat, Petrus Boyd Pensin, Marius Marious and Willie Francis. While, the two last is shot at Kionsom Waterfall, Inanam with Jude Blugu, Mahapson and again with George Duat.

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AngeL BeaR said...

love all your cuma bole admire saja la...because if add a new hobby nanti last2 rabak poket sa...ahahahah....


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