Can't Breathe Easy

[ Listening to Breathe Easy by BLUEBeing a freelance photographer, a father of three daughter and a servant for government... There is so much things I have to handle and I have to serve. Once you were committed to be an official photographer for any event, you must have to finish your product within the agreement. Working hours, I'll be at office.. No other outside work bring at office.. nanti boss marah oooo... :) While at home, you try to work it but you have play with your child.. Ask them to sleep early, so that you can do your photo editing work.. This three things was my major right now. Even this is a simple work but once you were committed to make it perfect at all, I am gonna less of sleep.. less of rest.. whooahhhhh!!!!! Huh!!!!! Whatever it is, I'll make my dream became real, One Day in Future!!
Picture taken during KeKAS at Pulau Mamutik

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HoneyBUZZin said...

Hi Bro Pirut...I don't know much about photography but I knew certain certain specific angles to take a good shot.
The images you've taken here are very nice and clear. Would appreciate if u can share some simple tips of Do and Don't on photographing.
Thanks and Best Regards

PirutPhotography said...

Good idea Honey.. :) Mm.. I'll try to chat about it soon.. thanks for your brilliant idea.. :)

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