Back To 'Sikul' Party : Beverly Hotel, KK

Proud to be their OP for this event. Whowww!! It was happening.. It was fully organize by SabahanFM & SuriaFM and supported by Kadus Entertainment. I am excited and happy, same as everybody at there. By wearing that clothes again, which last I used it on back on 1998... huhu, I am feel great and and enjoy! It remind my life and my memory at school.. at SMK.Bingkor, Keningau. :) Full of energy!! The party was emcees by DJ Othoe @ SuriaFM and back up also by some of SabahanFM DJ's.. like DJ SeliparJipun, DJ Ayu and DJ Iter.. Some of them, working at the front desk, playing the music, etc. VVIP for that night was the new BSN's Director. :) Enjoy this photo!
The 'Student'

DJ Othoe & Melisa

DJ Othoe @ SuriaFM

Malvin & Friend

Melisa, Petrus & Friend

DJ Othoe & Aires Band

One of our activities, Tarian Patung

The Frontman Company

DJ Othoe with Fans!

Da' Prince Group

DJ Othoe playing games with 'student'.. :)

The Best Man Dresses Of The Night

The Best Woman Dresses Of The Night

It was OnLine with UPSTREAM!!!

Some of The SabahanFMs DJ

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