Roxanne : Model In The Making

Last week, on saturday. .I am with Mahapson, Kuai and Gogds was at Kionsom Waterfall, Inanam for
this Beautiful Amatuer Model : Roxanne Esphrza, maybe we can call Anne as a Model in the making!! :)
One thing I like with this girl, her smile and co-operation during the photoshot was amazing. Like what
Gogds says, Anne was good in making a pose in front of the camera.. :) Well, will find this beauty
girl once again soon for the same kind of purpose.. :)Enjoy this photos.. :) For more photos, click my PicasaWeb.

4 comments & ideas:

arcibaldo said...

ehehe she is indeed attractive. looks young and innocent.

Gallivanter said...

Not bad a model.

PIRUT said...

oh.. thanks ash.. :)

Daniel - is. :)

C.Alv.B said...

Got talent and beauty..

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