KENTE '09 Finalist Photoshot

I am late for the KENTE Briefing & Photoshot at Grace Point area last sunday.. I am so sorry.. :) It was due to my own biz at home and so on.. so sorry.. :)
Well, when i reach there.. they were almost finish and my fate to get some shot but mostly, it was almost bad photos and here below is half good and good lah.. hehe.. While after, we were head up to Tanjung Aru for some fun with only four of the finalist as Joy, Bernard, Harry and Feraddy... :)

2 comments & ideas:

C.Alv.B said...

Wah..bright, shine and clear itu photo. Pirut ko ambil gia gambar sia nanti.. boleh kasih jadi cantik juga tu kan..walaupun orgnya x cantik hehhehe

Pirut said...

thanks c.alv.b.. :)
Ok saja bah tu.. tak jadi masalah sama ada cantik atau tidak.. yang penting ko ceria dan cute.. haha. :)

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