Ralph + Christ

The day after I took a photos at Bambangan's Sister, I was at Kota Belud for the same purposed.. invited as an official photogs
to their wedding at the church and at their wedding reception, brides house. Here is some of Ralph & Christ photos..I am using
the creative album psd wedding template vol.6 as their wedding template. Thanks to Gogds for this one.. he was the one who told me
about this template before. It was amazing one.. :)

Pirut says 'Gambar Anugerah Pertisa, Gambar Pelancaran Album Episod : Dimanakah Sinar Cinta akan dipostkan tak lama lagi.. just wait.. :)'

6 comments & ideas:

GregChai said...

creative bro :)

XiGorX said...

malam pelancaran album punya gambar bah g sa tunggu2 ni sbnrnya..hehehe

†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

hmmm nice wedding.. ^_^ they're look gorgeous! :)

Pirut said...

Thanks Greg. :)

Mesh : will update this soon.. tunggu ko kio.. hehe

beck : a very thanks for the comment..

C.Alv.B said...

Bah..Pirut nanti sa kahwin ko jadi photographer ahh.. hehhehe. Ko kasih nampak cantik muka sa yg tidak cantik tu..hehhee

Pirut said...

c.alv.b : hehe.. ok bah kalau ko .. hehe.. sa kasi ko lagi cantik... sebab ko cantik sedia udah.. kan? :)

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