Want To Buy SONY DSLR A100 [10.2mp]?

A friend of mine want to sell his Sony A100 with RM1500. Its include body camera [lcd protector], lens 18-70mm, battery, and charger only but without memory card. He buy it with price, RM2999.00. Interested? Check this camera detail at below ;

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4. Wikipedia : Sony Alpha
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6. CameraLabs : Sony A100

This camera Sony Alpha A100 got 10.2 mp, 2.5" LCD Monitor, Anti-Shake system as 'Super SteadyShot', ISO up to 1600 - Hi200 [Hi200 - High Key], weight - 638 g, etc.

All Around View

Side by Side View

Lens SAL18-70mmA100 System ChartEmail me for more information.

2 comments & ideas:

NoktahHitam said...

no offense, thats quite a heavy price tag. The latest A200 is priced at RM1800 (brand new).

Pirut said...

thanks noktahhitam.. well, the camera already sold with priced at RM1000 [body only]. This A100 are special edition from Sony. Very different than the others brand like A200 [less function than the others sony's dslr].

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