Sony Alpha KK 'Poison' First TT

Yesterday, I met with my other 'sony alpha poisonous' at McD, near with Shell, Kingfisher. It was awesome to met with them. Kysham and JACQ bring their gear too. Kysham and me use A100 and JACQ use her A200. I am not quite good in writing a story, so here you are.

JACQ with her A200 + SAL70300(kysham punya.. )

Sony Alpha KK 'Poisonous'
Left - Right [me, kysham, JACQ, zul]

Me and Kysham

Our Sony Alpha Gear

6 comments & ideas:

ami3 s10 said...

main best sa tingu the lens! hehe..napa poisonous kamu this? :D

Pirut said...

Hehe.. poisonous by the lens and the gear bah.. :D

kysham said...

Nice... :D

gansad said...

pirut, wahh best juga ni kamurang punya kits.. siukk ohhh

bah kasi share la gambar2.


Pirut said...

kysham - thanks brother..

gansad - thanks ipag...hehe.. nanti sa kasi banyak2 lah gambar..soon..

XiGorX said...

teruja sa nampak SLR dan lensesnya..ughh..intoxicating tul tu..will link you to my blog bro..

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