My New Blog's Faces

Haloo Everyone! Wats up? Hopefully, you all are fine there. Hows my new blog's faces? For me, computer or what ever into it, off course didn't expertise in this kind of things. Its because I learn something new at high college. My course is civil engineering at PKK, Sabah and it was far from internet course or something like that. Our course is more on AutoCad, etc. I mean like computer or what ever things like that. But..i try to figure it out. I am try to learn this kind of thing because of my enthusiasm. Actually, this is an amazing work to be done. I am into this ; CSS Creator , Stopdesign , MacRabbit , CSS Tutorial , WebShapes - Free Web Templates , W3Schools Online Web Tutorials and World Wide Web Consortium . Then I validated it with this kind of WWW Validation ; The W3C Markup Validation Service and The W3C CSS Validation Service . But I am still learning. Still under maintenance! Hahaha.. maybe in this six or one year, I'll a little bit expert or at least I know the basis of CSS or HTML or something like that. But it was very good if some of you out there who know that kind of thing or who learn this, please help me to learn this because until now.. I do this by my ownself and this is so tough to learn. :D

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